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    Jason Greenberg


    I am having issues getting the correct processed Accel. data from the UM7 as was shown in the videos found on the product page.

    I followed most of the steps shown in the videos found on the product webpage however when I go to graph the Processed Accel data using the CHR Serial Interface instead of the getting x=0, y=0 and z = -1, I have y= 0, z=-1 and x = -2.

    Is there some additional calibration or other procedure, that I am supposed to be doing or is there something wrong with the IMU chip itself?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    Hi Jason,

    That’s definitely odd. I haven’t observed that behavior before. Can you open the data plot, make sure it is the active window, and take a screenshot? Use Alt-PrintScreen to just take a picture of the data graph. You can then paste it into an email and send it to, or upload it to this forum.

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