Orientation Sensor LibraryThe CH Robotics content library provides an overview of some of the fundamental topics needed to use AHRS and Orientation Sensors like the UM7 and the GP9.

We begin with a brief description of Euler Angles, Quaternions, and types of sensors to give the user a practical understanding of how CH Robotics sensors work and how the data that they provide can be used.

More advanced tutorials about using CH Robotics Orientation Sensors for specific applications are also provided for users who want to dig in.  We will be adding content to the library, so visit again for updates.

The Basics

Advanced Topics

  • Fundamentals of Attitude Estimation
    An introduction to the basic idea behind attitude estimation. This chapter describes exactly how the different types of sensors are used to produce reliable orientation estimates.
  • Using Accelerometers to Estimate Velocity and Position
    Learn about the mathematics involved in estimating velocity and position using accelerometers. This chapter discusses the “gotchas” that make velocity and position estimation difficult.