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    Adrian Timberlake

    while testing the UM7 attached to a USB converter with no GPS, I have managed to get it into a state where it reports errors in all three source devices and doesn’t recover.

    The documentation suggests that the errors will be cleared autonomously? I have seen this only in isolated cases.

    the device is setup to send out only NMEA sentences, PCHRR at 5Hz and PCHRH at 1Hz.

    I can detect the fault because the PCHRR sentences dont change, I was wondering if there was a reset command I can send the device if this occurs?

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    Michael Hoyer

    It sounds like you need to reset the EKF. The command for that is:

    RESET_EKF 0xB3 (179)

    There are two ways to send this command.

    You can send a write command as detailed in the data sheet, or you can use the CHR Serial Interface Software.

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    Under what conditions are you seeing the error flags asserted? The failure indicators are asserted when the UM7 is unable to read data from the onboard sensors. That shouldn’t happen under normal conditions, and if it is repetitive, it could indicate that the hardware is damaged.

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