UM6 Orientation Sensor

UM6 Orientation Sensor

Discontinued.  Upgrade to the new UM7.

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Discontinued.  Upgrade to the new UM7.

The UM6 provides orientation measurements using Euler Angles (yaw, pitch, and roll) and quaternions. In addition to orientation, the UM6 reports raw and processed sensor data from the accelerometers, rate gyros, and magnetic sensors. The UM6 also has the capability to interface with external GPS modules to provide position, velocity, course, and speed information.

A variety of tools are available to simplify configuration and testing of the UM6, including a Serial Expansion Board that comes with all the accessories needed to connect the UM6 to your computer. Using the Serial Expansion Board along with the CHR Serial Interface software (available for download), you can change any sensor setting, log and graph data in real-time, and calibrate the magnetic sensors for the best possible accuracy.

Outputs (User-Selectable)

  • GPS position, heading, and velocity (with connected GPS)
  • GPS position in meters from customizable home location
  • Euler Angles
  • Quaternions
  • Raw gyro, accel, and mag data
  • Processed sensor data (scale factors applied, biases removed)
  • Attitude estimate covariance


  • Supports GPS connectivity and data parsing
  • GPS position can be reported in meters from user-customizable home position
  • Automatic gyro bias calibration (initiated by user command)
  • Adjustable output rates (20 Hz – 300 Hz) and baud rate (up to 115200 baud)
  • Open-source firmware with free development tools
  • Open-source PC software for data visualization, calibration, and sensor configuration


  • States updated internally at 500 Hz
  • Better than 2 degree pitch and roll angle accuracy
  • Better than 5 degree yaw angle accuracy
  • +5V input voltage, 3.3V logic level (5V tolerant)
  • +/- 2000 °/s maximum measurable rotation rates
  • +/- 2g maximum measurable acceleration


Software Downloads

  • CHR Serial Interface
    Use the Serial Interface software to configure the UM6, log data, and plot data in real-time.

Example Code

Source Code

  • UM6 Firmware Source Code
    The UM6 Firmware is available in a SourceForge project at the above link. Once there, click “Code” to get started.


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