Redshift Labs Announce UM7 Manufacturing Continues

Redshift Labs



Redshift Labs are proud to announce the continuation of manufacturing of the UM7 product line and are now filling orders. At Redshift Labs we have long regarded the UM7 as a best in class product and are thrilled for the opportunity to preserve and grow its footprint.

At Redshift Labs, we are artists, engineers, technologist, innovators and philosophers. Our dream is to create a do-it-yourself community that challenges the status quo and erodes the allegiance to proprietary innovation.

We are electro-hedonists, dizzy with excitement for the coming technology revolution, in which we choose to be the designers; not the bystanders. We invite you to choose the Red Pill and follow us down the rabbit hole of infinite possibilities.

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Creating Stabilized Hydrofoil Video with the UM7

One of our customers attached a UM7  and a GoPro camera to his hydrofoil sail and used it to produce some impressive stabilized video.  We thought it was great and wanted to share.

Check it out below!