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    John Piccirillo

    I can communicate with the UM7 and send commands, but when I try to plot sensor data (using the CHR s/w) it all comes out zero. Also, just clicking the Get Version button on the serial settings tab produces a timeout error message. I sent commands to reset to factory and reset EKF. I used to get sensor output before I let some students use it (the 5pin connector that goes to the main I/O header was plugged into the IO expansion header.

    Toast or pilot error?


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    Hey John,

    If power was applied to an expansion header pin while power wasn’t on, it might have damaged the device. It is a little odd that some commands work and others don’t. Is it possible that there is an intermittent connection from a damaged connector pin?

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    John Piccirillo


    Ah nuts. The connector pins look o.k. I may have to buy another from Pololu. I haven’t checked yet;
    The commands all work. All the sensor output is zero. After I attempt to graph a sensor output, it
    won’t even respond to a get version and sometimes the unit hangs.

    I hope they didn’t fry the GPS9, that’s the one I really need.


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