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    I am using a Venus638FLPx to input timing and pps. The Lat, long and altitude is being passed through but not timing. I am outputting the $PCHRG, it says it will also give yaw and heading used from gps, it does not populate either. The green led on the um7 flashes, I assume that means it sees the pps. Very little info on the nematode input, I did see somewhere it uses recognized for timing. Can someone give me so help on why this is happening. Thanks.

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    I hate auto spell, it should be nema not nematode and rmc not recognized. Sorry for that.

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    Hi Tim,

    If heading isn’t being populated, then the system isn’t receiving the NMEA sentences it needs. That likely explains the lack of time synch as well.

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    That’s kinda what I figured, what nema messages does it need?

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    I have tried just about every combination of messages, I believe it could be the time formate. The gps outputs more than 1hz, so the time has three decimal places after the seconds. If the UM7 is expecting hours, minutes and seconds not fraction of seconds, that could be the problem.

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